Seattle Against Slavery’s Web Platform to Fight Demand

Project: Freedom Signal Site

This November, AnnieCannons launched a website for the anti-trafficking technology platform known as Freedom Signal, a project of the Seattle anti-trafficking nonprofit Seattle Against Slavery. Seattle Against Slavery mobilizes the Seattle community in the fight against labor and sex trafficking through education, advocacy, and collaboration with local and national partners.

Seattle Against Slavery envisions a community where no one is exploited for labor or sex, and projects like Freedom Signal serve that mission.  AnnieCannons partnered with them to create a web showcase of their Freedom Signal technology. 

Freedom Signal includes two primary features to address both trafficking supply and demand: (1) a demand-analysis and reduction tool for governments and law enforcement and (2) a mechanism to help advocates connect with potential victims.  Anti-Trafficking Technology Director Liz Rush explains, “Freedom Signal includes automated tools that locate potential victims in online properties and uses decoy victim chatbots to deter buyers.”  The demand-reduction SaaS tool is licensed to governments and law enforcement, who are encouraged to identify a victim services organization to leverage the victim outreach functionality.  Freedom Signal currently has victim outreach partners across the country, and one of these has used the tool to reach out to 5000 potential victims in the past year.

Seattle Against Slavery needed a web development partner who respected their limited nonprofit budget, but could use WordPress to adapt existing designs built through a robust internal brand exercise.  By tying the project to a more junior trainee, AnnieCannons was able to offer a competitive price and leverage the project to help one of our graduates take the next step in her web development career.

Claire* is a mother to two boys, aged 8 and 11.  She began AnnieCannons technology training in our third class, while working nights as a security officer. She was referred through our partnership with the Alameda County Family Justice Center.  After rocking our training, Claire was offered a TA position and has been building WordPress sites to practice skills, as well. The Freedom Signal Site presented an opportunity to level up to a more complex display and functionality, establishing Claire’s qualification to build more complex WordPress sites for future clients.

Meanwhile, Claire is building on the front-end display skills she refined on the project to learn React.js, with an eye toward increasing her technical qualifications even further.  She is also training to become an AnnieCannons instructor this spring. Her son often sat in on AnnieCannons classes while she was a TA – but we’re excited to see him learn much more about software programming from his mom over the coming years.

Thanks to Seattle Against Slavery for making their website make twice the difference!

*names have been changed to protect survivors’ safety and identity

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