October Newsletter

October 2021

Letter from the CEO


There is so much happening at AnnieCannons and we’re really excited to tell you all about it! Check out below our new app, ReferAll, created to help survivors navigate the systems of services in their area. In addition to this exciting new software product, we are honored to be featured as a social enterprise leader in Georgetown University’s Business for Impact report on how businesses can create jobs for all. In the training program, our coding training collaboration with the HYPE Center is up and running with talented young people deep in the world of coding and loving it. Lastly, our fabulous collaboration with Futures Without Violence has just wrapped-up with the launch of their new website addressing interpersonal violence and exploitation, and you can see it live.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support!

Until next time, stay safe and well,

Laura Hackney, CEO

ReferAll – Changing the Landscape

Transformational relationships are one of the most important assets that help survivors leave and remain free from trafficking. Those can include relationships with service providers. ReferAll is an app, built by AnnieCannons, committed to making these important connections between survivors and providers. By the end of the year, AnnieCannons will have built, tested and launched our prototype designed to match survivors with the providers they are eligible for and offer the resources they want.

ReferAll needs the right connections! If you’re a provider serving survivors, or just know of organizations that are a fit for our platform, email us at referall@anniecannons.com

Watch this video for more information on ReferAll and how it changes the landscape for survivors of trafficking who are seeking services.

Together we can build exit ramps from exploitation.

Business for Impact Features AnnieCannons as
Employment Social Enterprise Leaders

AnnieCannons is featured as an Employment Social Enterprise Leader in the new release of the Jobs for All: Employment Social Enterprise and Economic Mobility in the United States, and at the virtual event held by Business for Impact at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. Our very own Laura Hackney joined other nonprofit and corporate leaders to share insights on how companies can build inclusive workforces and support economic mobility for people traditionally excluded from jobs.

The unfortunate truth is that for many Americans, the American dream has never been within reach as structural barriers related to race, disability, and other factors have limited economic opportunities for millions of potential workers. AC is changing that.

Don’t miss this must-read report!

We Can’t Wait!

Cohort 8 kicked off the website development unit on Monday, October 4th at HYPE Center. Students came back from a break after our digital literacy class ready to get to work learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In the first week, students excelled their HTML skills, By Thursday, they were able to create a simple website with an image, a table, a form, nested lists, and plenty of links – all in less than an hour! Students are offered the opportunity each day to practice, review, repeat. Next week, we will start our journey into CSS, where students will finally be able to control the layout of their websites, as well as add some pizazz with color and background images. We can’t wait!

Photo by Eliot Reyna on Unsplash

Futures Without Violence Website, Designed by AC, Is Live

Check out the latest website created by our software engineers in partnership with Futures Without Violence, a health and social justice nonprofit whose mission is to heal those among us who are traumatized by violence today – and to create healthy families and communities free of violence tomorrow.

You can see it here!

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