Nonprofit Website Redesign Launch Checklist for 2019 [Infographic]

As a nonprofit ourselves, we know it is hard and stressful to launch a new website redesign. Use this checklist to ensure your website redesign is ready for prime time!


  • Your mission statement is clear and located on the header of the home page.  No scroll needed to find it.
  • You highlight the impact donors will have to your organization and how you will use their donation.
  • Secondary audiences like volunteers or candidates should be able to easily navigate to the pages they are looking for.
  • You’ve broken down your programs and services. If there are more than 2, you’ve listed them as individual pages to avoid clutter.
  • Your nonprofit website should look clean and modern. This means lots of space between images and text. Refrain from an overload of boxed content and images.
  • Content is simple and easy to understand.


  • The donation button is above the fold on the home page, and on the navigation of every page across your site.
  • There is an option to request a monthly donation on your donation form.
  • Your forms are short, and don’t have unnecessary fields. (The more you ask the less likely it is they will fill it out.


  • Every page has a unique title, a meta description, and is optimized for keyword usage.
  • Optimize your images with descriptive “alt” tags, and are high resolution.
  • There is a sitemap for your website, allowing Google to easily crawl and index it.
  • Your site meets accessibility guidelines


  • You have social icons that go to the correct pages.
  • Blogs are easily shared, and share links populate with the right image and content.
  • Your legal bases are covered. Did you add your privacy policy and terms and conditions? Are you compliant with GDPR? Do you need a cookie warning?
  • Your site is typo free with no broken links
  • Your website is mobile responsive.


  • Combine the announcement with a donation campaign.
  • Announce your new site via email and across social media to your followers and past donors.
  • Show off the new you in meetings and conferences.
  • Encourage your board members and advocates to help spread the word. Send them an email with potential social and email copy they can use.
  • Set up a monthly sync with key stakeholders to review the website performance and new content ideas.

We hope you find this checklist helpful! We offer website redesign services for a wide range of budgets and organizations of all sizes. If you would like help on your next redesign, contact us at We build mobile and web apps, too! Visit our portfolio at

Here’s the full checklist:

full nonprofit website redesign checklist.

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