Meet Decisioness: AnnieCannons’ app to help you vote smarter

The day after the 2016 election was one of the hardest days ever in an AnnieCannons’ class. That day, through many tears, we learned that our students hadn’t seen anyone on the ballot they felt confident would represent what they needed. Together, we realized that there is a way to get candidates that reflect our shared ideals visibility – to all eligible voters – without the candidate having to spend a ton of money. We also realized that survivors’ ideals were not as different from those with more money or privilege than most people think. Decisioness was born.

Some of the ideals our students cared about will be familiar: abortion access and action on climate change. Others seemed like common issues Americans face, but don’t get as much media attention: stopping out of control spam calls, the lack of real penalties for sexual assault, or the lack of effective privacy protection. On the whole, we know that everyday ways that major corporations take advantage of Americans, including survivors, get too little attention from the politicians those corporations fund.

To effectively fight exploitation, we need to get dark money out of politics and give voters access to candidates that will actually take the action our country needs – regardless of how much money they spend, or their party.

While changing our elections might seem like a pipedream, it isn’t. Fortunately, at AC, we know how to make change most people see as impossible. So, we’re building an app called Decisioness that allows voters to identify the ideals and policies they support, and see which candidates on their ballot support the same ideals and policies – using only their email and zip code. You can click below to watch a quick video about how the app works.

Thanks to seed supporter Anne Devereux-Mills, we’ve been able to build a prototype and design the entire candidate matching experience with pro bono help from the epic UX team at DesignMap. 

Now, we’d love your support to build out the platform that changes elections to better serve the marginalized, including candidate matching, strong security, and crowdsourced ideals and policies. We need $150,000 to launch the app to help Americans vote smarter for the upcoming primaries, general 2020 election, and beyond. You can help us get there with as little as $20 to help a wide range of candidates across the country increase their visibility without corporate donations. You can donate here.

Thanks for being a part of the change our world needs!

Jessica Hubley



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