Lisa Health – A Client Story

Lisa Health is a web app for midlife women to manage their menopause transition and midlife well-being. The app brings together science and community to help midlife women make small changes that enable them to be their best selves every day – and demands an end to the shame and secrecy that forces most women to face this transition alone.

Lisa Health makes midlife women’s health a priority across the healthcare ecosystem, by:

  • Activating women to take charge of their health,
  • Reducing serious and costly health risks with small change journeys, and
  • Acquiring the long-overdue support women deserve through this critical period

Its goal: give every midlife woman the well-being she deserves.

That is a vision AnnieCannons stands behind, always!

We started working with Lisa Health founder Ann Garnier pre-design, having put our faith in one another: AnnieCannons saw Ann and the Lisa Health team as truly interested in the well-being of women, as the rare founder driven by social change over wealth, and exactly the kind of business we hope to stand behind and support. Lisa Health similarly saw in us a team of women who know what it means to tackle undeserved shame, and cared enough to use their bootstrap dollars to make an impact with us.  We decided, together, to stand up for each other in the way we hope women will do more often.

You’ll love the results, whether you are a woman entering menopause or trying to boost your midlife health – or a partner standing beside her. (Check it out to see if you’re in premenopause, perimenopause, or postmenopause – we learned a lot about our own health building Lisa Health!)

Here’s what Ann had to say about her experience working with AnnieCannons:

“AnnieCannons is a team of smart, passionate, committed individuals who deliver high-quality results. Every project is an opportunity for their students and alumni to learn new skills, earn more money, and build a better life. The motivation, incentives, and support are in place for them to do their best work and thrive. The AnnieCannons team sets the students up for success and acts as a strong backstop to ensure projects are executed with the same or better level of quality you would find through traditional technology development vendors. We are extremely satisfied with our MVP app.”

“Working with Anniecannons aligns with our desire to partner with companies making a positive difference in the world and expanding opportunities and higher levels of achievement for women. Social impact investing is not limited to big corporations. Even entrepreneurial startups like Lisa Health can contribute by making conscious choices about who you partner and spend your money with.”

But this is still only part of the story.  Lisa Health was the next big step in the career of one of our graduates, who did all the front-end development for the app.  Thanks to Ann’s faith in us, this woman has reached a new milestone in her career as a developer – building not only her first web app, but also her first authentication frameworks, CMS integrations, and more – all tools that she will use time and again as she advances her new career.

It’s a huge leap for someone who first sat down in an AnnieCannons class a little over 2 years ago, not quite sure how she’d feel about coding. We’re proud to say she has long since started to introduce herself as a “web developer.” Now, she’ll add an amazing web app to her portfolio!

More about Lisa Health:

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