June 2021 – Updates


I am extremely honored and thrilled to be writing to you in my new role of Chief Executive Officer at AnnieCannons. The success and growth of this organization is fueled by you, our larger AnnieCannons community of partners, supporters, clients, donors, and all-around champions. Thank you for continuing to walk with us on this journey to end cycles of exploitation and abuse through economic empowerment.

I am also incredibly grateful for our staff, graduates, and all of the trainees at AnnieCannons. What a team! Progress is made through the consistent and thoughtful actions of the everyday. These actions make the world a more just and equitable place, and this is demonstrated in spades at AnnieCannons. I couldn’t be more proud to continue this work alongside such talented and passionate individuals.

Here are some updates!

Cohort 7

Our current training cohort, led by our stellar teaching team, successfully completed Digital Literacy and started the second module, Website Development. Our trainees will start working with today’s most in-demand web technologies through project-based learning and interactive curriculum modules. 

Part of the journey of a trainee includes learning about the software development lifecycle. How do technology companies build successful products from just ideas into code? Our product team visited the classroom to lead our trainees through a product workshop. This workshop gave trainees the chance to propose ideas for new technologies that could address issues they have faced or seen in their own communities. The product team took these amazing ideas and helped trainees craft their plans into a Product Requirements Document, helping them with the first step in creating a new piece of software.

Summer of Coding

This summer is gearing up to be one of the busiest yet for our talented group of engineers. We have a number of new client projects that are moving from design to development, and we are revamping our sales pipeline to be able to better accommodate and support projects in early phases of growth. 

We will be doing some application launches this fall, and can’t wait for you all to see what we are building!

Career Development Coordinator

We hired our first Career Development Coordinator at AnnieCannons. Thanks to funding from our wonderful partners at GrantTank, we were able to hire a position that has been just a dream at AnnieCannons for several years. 

Our Career Development Coordinator (affectionately known as the “CDC”) is focused on broadening and deepening the support and services we offer trainees and graduates of our program, in the classroom and on the job. While our teaching team provides technical instruction and our product team supervises paid work performed by graduates, the CDC is helping our trainees and graduates succeed when they are experiencing issues, as diverse as housing insecurity to time management difficulty.

This week, the CDC launched our one-on-one coaching program to provide individual support and to identify areas where third-party experts are needed to support both individuals and the whole community. We are so thrilled about this role as well as the amazing work already underway.

Many Thanks

Thank you again for continuing to support AnnieCannons. In the next several years, AnnieCannons will continue to reach more survivors, train more world-class software engineers, develop more interesting and purposeful products, and re-shape the way we all view the workplace and the world. We have always been reaching for the stars, and we are just getting started.

Look forward to many more announcements to come. 

All best,
Laura Hackney

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