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How to hire and scale your startup

Our founder, Jessica Hubley, has done it all. She began her career as an attorney and then became a for-profit and a nonprofit entrepreneur. These organizations ranged in size from two founders all the way to 30 member teams. If anyone is qualified to talk about the stages of hiring and growing an organization, it’s Jessica!

Jessica outlines four key phases of a company’s growth and how to think about hiring, outsourcing, and enabling technology to help you scale. From hiring your first employee to managing a global organization, each step will pose new challenges that you’ll need to overcome. In this 20 minute webinar, Jessica will take you step-by-step through these stages, sharing insights she’s learned (sometimes the hard way) along the way.

Maybe you’re toying with the idea of founding a startup or maybe you’re in the midst of the trenches. Either way, Jessica has a plethora of tips to help you along the way!
Jessica Hubley

Jessica Hubley