How To Choose a Website Development Company: Make Your Development Dollars Go Further

If you did a search for website development services, you would be completely overwhelmed by the options and range of costs. Every online business needs a website. And those websites require talented web developers to create amazing customer experiences. When you’re trying to decide whom to use, how do you choose? Finding and hiring high-quality developers can be time-consuming and the quality varies greatly, so here are some tips to help you cut through the noise and find your ideal website developer.

How to Select a Web Development Agency

What is a website developer?

A web developer takes the vision for your website and builds it into an actual site. From form submission and e-commerce functionality to expanding menus and interactive pages, there are many skills that a web developer needs. Because of the variety of code that is utilized for building different website components, it’s best to partner with a web development agency with multiple programmers who can meet all your needs. 

Find the best options

Find out who developed websites that you like. Ask for recommendations from business partners, networking groups, or on LinkedIn. A good word from someone you trust is better than picking a company at random. 

Verify their experience

Once you’ve selected several reputable companies, take a look at their portfolios. Do the sites function the way you expect them to? Are there components that you plan to include in your site, such as interactive pages, contact forms and drop down menus? Ask the companies for case studies and three current clients. Pay attention to the speed and detail of their replies and make sure they fit with your company’s values. 

Since technology evolves, it’s important to hire a developer who can learn new technologies rather than someone who may not adapt when a new one comes along. One tip comes from Nelly Yusupova via

The easiest way to detect whether someone will adapt well to change is to ask questions that will reveal whether a web developer has a love for learning. For example:

  • What new programming languages did you learn recently?
  • What are your go-to places for learning new tech tips and tricks?
  • What are your favorite technology conferences?

Dig into their services

Go deeply into the company’s own site and check out their services and examples. Need smooth, responsive pages? Then look for that kind of content on the site. You may find that the list of prospective agencies begins to whittle itself down just based on what you see. 

One important piece

Modern, forward-thinking companies add one very important thing to their criteria for selecting a website developer:  the developer’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) plan. More and more companies are incorporating corporate social responsibility objectives into their company missions. While the term has sometimes been  applied to employee volunteering , it can be expanded to much more than that, including which vendors you choose.  By selecting a website developer that supports your CSR plan, you are making a strong statement about the kind of company you are.  There is incredible competition for design dollars; your website development budget can go further by partnering with a website developer with a cause. 

Why hire AnnieCannons?

AnnieCannons’ web development services include building websites, developing applications, data services and testing, and other affordable small business technology support. What makes AnnieCannons a great web development choice?

  • We have programmers trained in a variety of languages ready to handle anything your website project needs. 
  • Our clients love our work and we love supporting their projects that are changing the world.
  • We proudly display our portfolio and would be happy to provide current references. 
  • We are constantly learning and testing the newest technologies to build the best products of the modern web.

AnnieCannons’ website developers are passionate about developing websites that are both beautiful and functional. What makes us special is that we transform survivors of human trafficking into software professionals through a robust training program and hands-on experience. Utilizing our website development services gives you a direct hand in lifting people out of traumatic situations and setting their feet firmly on a path to self-sufficiency. 

Hiring us means getting web development services that:

Together, we diversify the technology industry, enable marginalized communities to build their own economic power, and begin to drive the change our world needs. We provide top-quality software services to our clients – proving that anyone with the determination and insight to innovate should be given a fair chance.

3 ways to get involved and do more

Hire AnnieCannons for website development or redesign

Our programmers are well-versed in website development and can make your vision come to life. 

Consult with AnnieCannons to build a native app

Our experience with both websites and apps gives us insight into best practices as well as ways to keep development costs down

Partner with AnnieCannons as part of your own company-wide volunteer efforts

As a volunteer partner, your company’s staff would make a direct impact through our 501(c)(3) SurviveTech Incubator volunteer program. We offer a range of technical, operations, and marketing roles so that any employee can volunteer and make an impact. With SurviveTech, company volunteer work yields results like mobile apps that help us build a world without abuse. AnnieCannons is making a difference in tangible ways, on a daily basis. 

Small businesses give back to their communities through their day-to-day work, and charities allow businesses to target and help causes they care about. By working with our diverse team to build your website or app, you support not only jobs for survivors of human trafficking and gender-based violence, but also an increase in software’s gender and racial diversity. Hiring AnnieCannons as your website developer with a cause brings immediate recognition and impact to your money and time.

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