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20 ideas to supercharge
donations from your website

Is there a better way to spend 50 minutes of your workday than to hang with 2 gals and take away tons of new ideas to grow website donations for your nonprofit? We didn’t think so. (Well, maybe wine + ideating ways to smash the patriarchy? That might have to be another webinar.)

Join us for this 50-minute webinar where you’ll get 20 ideas to improve donation conversion from your website TODAY.

Leading the discussion is tech expert Jessica Hubley, CEO of AnnieCannons, and marketing expert Heather Watkins, CEO of Better Impact Marketing where they share what’s worked across 50+ nonprofit clients, including AnnieCannons.

These tips will cover how you can easily update your content, forms, calls-to-action and design to improve your fundraising efforts from your nonprofit website.
Jessica Hubley

Jessica Hubley

Heather Watson

Heather Watkins
Better Impact Marketing