Announcement from AnnieCannons

I am writing to let you know about some important leadership changes taking place at AnnieCannons.

Jessica Hubley, our remarkable co-founder, has stepped down after six incredible years as CEO. Jessica has been a driving force behind AnnieCannons’ growth and a visionary leader who has inspired us all. She has advocated continuously to advance the position and elevate the voices of survivors. We are profoundly grateful for the unceasing efforts she has made on behalf of AnnieCannons. 

Laura Hackney, AnnieCannons’ other remarkable co-founder and CTO, was unanimously appointed by our Board of Directors as the next CEO. Laura has overseen the success of our flagship software development training and workforce development programs since AnnieCannons’ inception and the Board is delighted she will now helm the organization.

Under Laura and Jessica’s joint direction, AnnieCannons has not only emerged as a leader in the anti-trafficking space, but a pioneer in testing new models of economic empowerment and technology innovation to support the talents and potential of underserved populations.

I would also like to thank AnnieCannons’ interim CEO, Elizabeth Gardner, who stepped in temporarily while the co-founder transitions took place. Liz’s contributions to the management of the organization have created a legacy that will be felt in the lives of survivors for years to come. We are so grateful for her tireless efforts and wish her all the best as she returns to her long-time work in another field.  

AnnieCannons has never been better positioned to accelerate its growth and scale its impact to reach an ever-increasing number of survivors in 2021, and beyond. 

Our entire community is grateful for the hard work, dedication and vision of our leaders, and looks forward to entering our next chapter with your continued support.

Lawrence Cole,
Chairperson, AnnieCannons Board of Directors

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