5 Reasons Your Nonprofit Might Need A Website Redesign

Without an outside perspective, it could be hard to tell whether or not you need a website redesign. We see many clients wait too long to get their websites refreshed, and the data shows time and time again that they are losing lots of potential donations, advocates and clients because of it. Wondering if it is the right time for you? We put together a quick quiz for you to find out.

You should definitely kick off a redesign project if you answer yes to any of the following:

  1. Has your organization recently experienced any type of service change, name change, or logo change?  Not only should your website reflect the new you, but you can use this as an opportunity to kickstart interest in your brand and generate new donations.
  2. Is your donation button more than one click away from giving you money? Your donation button should be highly visible and extremely easy to process a payment.  Any friction in the funnel could mean thousands if not millions of potential donor dollars lost.
  3. Is your website more than two years old? In the last two years, there have been 53 different updates in WordPress alone. Not staying up with the latest web and browser enhancements can cause long load times and security issues. By not staying up to date, you are also losing out on many new features that consumers expect now in their experience (not to mention new emojis!).
  4. Is your website only viewable on a desktop or laptop computer? 51% of all internet users only use their mobile phone to access the internet. If your audience is based in a developing country, the number of mobile-only users is as high as 70+%. Mobile apps and responsive websites are imperative to reach them.
  5. Looking for something exciting to share or an indicator of growth and impact? If your org hasn’t grown in size or impact, you have nothing new to update your donors on, or you aren’t attracting new donors in general, a new site could offer a kickstart.

If none of the above applied to you, good news – you probably don’t need a redesign.  But if you did say yes, it’s time to start gathering stakeholder approvals and building your requirements.  We specialize in building nonprofit websites and would love to help!  Drop us a line anytime and we can walk you through how to get a new website up within your budget.

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